Bearing Grease

Grease is an oily thick substance that is used for the lubrication of machinery. Grease is used for multi-purpose in automobile, marine, and industrial applications. For the lubrication of the bearing assembly of the system, the right grease should be chosen. Because grease impacts the performance, durability, and reliability of equipment directly.


Rida bearing grease is formulated with lithium complex soap thickener and high-quality mineral base oil, which helps the equipment to work under high temperatures and extreme pressure, and other demanding working conditions.

 Rida Lubricants has worked to design multi-purpose lubricants, bearing grease, and automotive oils of very high quality which are based on flawless performance, and technological innovations, which ensure long life and excellent performance of the system during work.

Essential features of bearing Grease

Grease plays a crucial role in the majority of industrial and earth moving tasks. For the maintenance of equipment, it must be made sure that all the parts of the equipment are properly lubricated.

The following key features are very important for any type of grease to enhance the performance of equipment even in a challenging working environment.

Thermally Stable

Bearing grease must be thermally stable and it should work under extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Grease which is of poor quality melts under high temperatures and becomes hard under cold weather. So, that's why grease must remain stable under harsh weather conditions.


Synthetic base oils

Grease which is formulated with synthetic base oil can provide a thicker lubricating film and improved oxidation resistance as compared to the mineral base oil. Synthetic oil-based bearing grease helps to reduce friction and minimizes the loss of energy during operation. This type of bearing grease protect the equipment at high temperature and boost its performance.


Constant Viscosity

Viscosity is the core property of the grease because viscosity gives a measurement of the ability of the fluid resistance. Grease must have the feature of softness like peanut butter. So that, it lubricates all parts of the equipment smoothly for easy movement of mechanical parts.


Water Resistant

During operation parts of the equipment are in constant contact with each other. So, there are chances of water penetration which can make the surfaces fall apart due to rust. That's why grease must have the property of water resistance which provides a protective layer on the moving surfaces to keep the water out.


Performance at Extreme Pressure 

Due to shock loading and emergency brakes, there is too much pressure, and due to high-pressure grease becomes thin which has a bad impact on the performance. So, that is the reason that grease contains the additive chemistry that has graphite in it, which prevents the surfaces to contact one another during extreme pressure conditions.


Different types of Grease for different purposes

Greases and other lubricants are widely used for the lubrication and smooth functioning of vehicles, mining, construction, marine, and industrial applications. There is versatility in lubricants and these bearing greases are of many types and used for many different purposes.

Rida Lubricants is formulating seven types of bearing grease which include Calcium grease, Aluminum grease, Lithium grease, Barium complex grease, Bentone grease, Polyurea grease, and Sodium grease. These greases are used for multi-purpose such as marine greases, heavy-duty greases, automotive greases, extreme pressure greases, and industry greases.

Calcium Grease

Calcium-bearing grease is formulated with special additives and is commonly used at lower temperatures. This grease has the properties of water resistance, good corrosion protection, and great mechanical stability. Calcium greases are used in many places such as in the marine, automotive, and agricultural industries


Lithium Grease

Lithium grease is used for multi-purpose due to its stability, high viscosity, and durability. Lithium and Lithium complex greases are manufactured with the properties of thermal stability and to withstand with heavy-load. Lithium grease is designed to provide long-lasting protection of equipment against corrosion extreme temperature and wear-tear. This type of grease is used in household, industrial, and other demanding metal-to-metal applications.


Aluminum Complex Grease

Aluminum complex greases are designed with key characteristics, which make them water-resistant, thermally stable, and corrosion protection. Due to these key features, Aluminum greases are used in various applications to enhance the capacity of the equipment to work under challenging weather conditions. Mainly these greases are used in food industries, steel mining, farming industries, etc.


Barium Complex Grease

Barium complexes are also used widely in many fields due to their property to withstand heavy loads. Besides this property, This type of grease also contains the property of oxidation stability and water tolerance. Barium greases are used in the marine and manufacturing industry


Bentone  Grease

Bentone grease is a different type of lubricant because it is clay-based bearing grease. It is formulated with bentonite clay and is commonly called non-metal clay because its dropping point is not known. This type of clay has water-resistance properties and temperature stability. It is mainly used in marine, construction, and automotive.


Polyurea Grease

Polyurea grease is used in many applications due to its unique formulation. It can combat corrosion, and water penetration and minimize friction and mechanical stability. Due to these qualities, it can be used in the farming industry, long-life applications, mining, and construction.


Sodium Grease

Sodium grease is formulated with the additive chemistry of soda soap with base oil.

These greases can cope with extreme pressure and high-temperature environment and have high dropping points. It is mostly used to prepare other high-quality greases and used for the lubrication of rolling parts of equipment.

Benefits of using Grease

Greases are used for multi-purpose in different domains. Greases enhance the performance of the equipment and increase the life span of machinery by lubricating the parts and making them run smoothly. There are countless benefits of grease, the main benefits are given below;


Reduce noise and friction

Greases are used to reduce friction and help the system to run smoothly. Greases are also used to reduce noise.


Prolonged service intervals

As greases are semi-fluid lubricants that's why they remain on the surface parts of equipment for so long. That is the reason the service span of equipment is prolonged.



Greases have the property of self-sealing by providing a protective layer that keeps the contamination of the surfaces free and boosts the performance of equipment.


Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection is the main benefit of grease. By reducing the penetration of water,  grease makes the surface rust-free by making corrosion protection.


Smooth Operation

Due to the property of softness like peanut butter, greases make the operation very smooth and increase the efficiency of the machines.