Benefits of gearbox oils

To meet the today’s requirement of modern gearboxes, Rida industrial gear oil is formulated with the following key features.

Gear lubricants improve gearbox reliability and enhance efficiency

Gear lubricants are formulated with modem techniques which enhance the efficiency of the Gearboxes by providing smooth and solid free lubricant. These lubricants are very helpful to increase the potential of equipment. It also lower the maintenance costs. Gear oils made the gearbox reliable by protecting from contamination. It also optimizes the work efficiency. Lubricants increase the service intervals of the equipment’s and optimize the working capacity even at the challenging environment conditions.

Gear oil contain the properties to combat heavy loads

Due to high-torque working conditions, these oils increase the load carrying capacity of the machine. While selecting the gear oil we must be careful of the attributes which gear oil contains. For example it must contain the properties of extreme pressure. Due to the property of heavy pressure and less viscous fluid it is very easy for the gearboxes to function effectively. These properties also help the gearboxes to prevent from loss and increase the life of the equipment.

Gear lubricant maintains viscosity and film strength

Viscosity of the lubricant plays a vital role in the performance of the gearbox. Lubricants of high viscosity generates heat due to friction and consume more power of the engine. Due to increase in the affects the function of gear box. Moreover, due to increase in temperature, the varnish and sludge formation increases which in result, block the valves, filters and oil pathways.

On the other hand, due to less viscous fluid, there is very less chance of increasing of the temperature which in result does not affect the working efficiency of the gearbox.

Gear oil stays thermally stable

Rida lubricants provides gear oils which are thermally stable and not oxidize at high temperatures. Due to these properties these lubricants not create sludge and varnish formation, which decreases the gearbox performance. Also due to these properties this gear oil helps to lengthen the service intervals and enhances the efficiency of the gearbox.

Gear lubricants prevent friction

 Gearbox oils are very essential for the smooth running of equipment’s and increase the efficiency of gearbox by reducing friction. Due to extreme pressure properties and low viscosity of lubricant, it helps to optimize the gearbox activities. Lubricants make the running parts of the gearboxes very smooth by providing quality oil products. Less viscous fluid is very essential ingredient to prevent from friction because it can be filtered very easily by removing the dust and contaminant which cause friction by making contact with the surfaces of the gearbox bearings.

Reduce heat generation and noise of engine

Industrial gearboxes have to perform under very challenging conditions, such as high temperature, contaminated dust environment, debris process and heavy loads etc. Due to these conditions if gears and bearings of the equipment are not lubricated effectively then downtime of machine will come. So, to combat such situations high quality of gear lubricants are formulated by Rida lubricants for efficient applications of gear boxes.

Provides shield against dust and enhance service life of the component

Lubricants plays an important role in cleaning of containments, dust, dirt , water and other foreign particles that can reduce the efficiency of the gearbox and impact the smooth running of bearings present in the gearboxes. Lubricants passes through the process of filtration so, the particles or dirt contaminant which originate internally or externally should be removed, otherwise equipment performance will reduced.