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Rida Lubricant has invested with an open heart to develop the best lubricant brand in UAE,  to fulfill the customer's requirements and demands for equipment. All types of lubricants such as Automotive, Industrial, and Marine lubricants are manufactured by high-quality oil supplier, Rida Lubricant Brand in UAE. Lubricants formulated by the Rida brand are blended with high-quality Virgin base oils with authentic and proven additive chemistry.

Rida Lubricant produces a variety of products including Hydraulic oil, Turbine oil, Compressor oil, Transformer oil, Synthetic cutting oil, Grease oil,  Gear oil, Engine oil, and synthetic oil. These lubricants are formulated with a unique method to increase the efficiency of machines, extend the service period of oils, protect the engine, consume a low quantity of oil, reduce the chances of wear and tear, and boost the performance of equipment.

Rida Lubricant is the best manufacturer in UAE

Rida Lubricants emerge as the best manufacturer of lubricants in the UAE. Rida Lubricant group is leading its business activities in a very vibrant way, with its Head Quarters in Ajman-UAE.  The most important factor about Rida lubricant is, to keep the customers aware and satisfied with the changing trends of machinery and oils in the industry of lubrication.


Working as the best oil trading company in UAE, Rida Lubricant is performing all the operations like stock keeping, and distribution of products, and solutions, which are made efficient by engineering specialization. As a worldwide supplier of lubricants, we distribute lubricants in all industries. Products supplied by the Rida Lubricant supplier are formulated to take the challenge of harsh weather conditions. We also have the expertise to tackle technical and commercial issues. Our Offices are situated in Dubai and the northern areas of the Middle East. So,   we distribute the products worldwide also in UAE by meeting the demands of modern techniques.

Products and Services offered by Rida Lubricants

As a good supplier of lubricants in the UAE, Rida Lubricants emphasizes excellent professional practice and superior service qualities. We properly take care of the supply and demands of the customers. This is the reason, that we have a huge customer base which relies on us due to the high quality of our lubricants. Rida Lubricant has maintained customer trust by delivery of sustained products with more durability. We are proud to be a best lubricants comapny in UAE.

Services provided by Rida Lubricants are given below

Rida Lubricant as a quality manufacturer in UAE provides very good services to its customers, not only in UAE but worldwide.


Vertical Integration

As a very good producer of lubricants in the UAE and Middle East region, we distribute our products to many industries and companies in a very effective manner. We ensure timely delivery to our clients due to owing transportation services. We also provide back-to-back transaction services. Due to a committed and dedicated team, we can handle all the procedures very efficiently


Logistic capabilities

As an efficient supplier of lubricants in the UAE, we have a very wide range of storage areas for pacing lubricants. This storage area is a drive 10 minutes from the seaport and airport. We remain prepared every time for client assistance and partners meeting. We keep on updating the values and needs of our lubricants


Technical Assistance and World Wide  Supplies

Due to the supplier of very demanding lubricants in UAE, Rida Lubricant also provides the facility of technical assistance to its customers by hiring very trained persons. Which keeps the customers aware of the technical issue and their solutions.


Back up Facility

Rida Lubricant formulates superior-quality lubricants in UAE. As a very good producer of oil, we also offer backup services to facilitate the clients in a very good way through the trained engineers of the factory.


World Class Storage

Rida Lubricants has opened its lubricant brand in UAE by investing a huge amount of money. We do not compromise on the quality of our product and produce very good quality lubricants. We also have maintained a place for keeping our products safe.

Why Rida Lubricants are Among the Leading Suppliers in UAE

Rida Lubricant is a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of all types of Lubricants in the UAE. Besides petrol oil, Rida Lubricant is manufacturing lubricants for Diesel engines as well.

The question here is, Why Rida Lubricants are considered as leading producer and supplier of lubricants in the UAE? The answer is, due to quality and service, and due to the fastest and trust-worthy company approved by the government of UAE. This company is producing premium quality oils with protection and performance.


  • Rida Lubricants meet the requirements of the global trendy formulation of lubricants in UAE.
  • Rida Lubricants is certified by the government of UAE as a quality manufacturer of Lubricants.
  • Rida Lubricants is considered as leading lubrication industry for a good supply of all types of lubricants in UAE and worldwide.
  • Rida Lubricants is armed with modern tools and innovation for the production of the latest lubricants.
  • Rida Lubricant supplier in UAE offers quality lubricants at an affordable price, for the happiness of the customers and the health of engines.

Following are the main products that Rida Lubricant offers


  • Automotive Lubricants

  • Marine Lubricants

  • Industrial Lubricants

  • Synthetic Cutting Oil

  • Grease Oil

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Engine Oil

  • Compressor Oil

  • Gear Oil

  • Turbine Oil

  • Transformer Oil

  • Coolants

Rida Lubricant as a very good producer of oils and lubricants in UAE has worked to produce very high-quality lubricants which give excellent performance when they are used in various equipment in many fields. Rida Lubricants has concentrated to produce very high-quality lubricants from raw materials and innovative blenders for keeping the stability and long life for all types of vehicles

The vision of Rida Lubricants as a Leading Supplier and Producer in the UAE

The vision presented by Rida Lubricants as a leading supplier in UAE is to formulate lubricants with strong additive chemistry and base oil components, to produce very high-quality oils which act as lifesavers for equipment. Rida Lubricant is working since 2017 with almost 7 years of experience in the lubrication procedure in UAE. Due to old scientific experience in lubricant formulation, it covers all the aspects which should be part of a very good lubricant