Essential attributes when selecting the gear oil

To meet the today’s demands, industrial gear oil must be of high performance with strong additive chemistry. 

Benefits of gearbox oils

To meet the today’s requirement of modern gearboxes, Rida industrial gear oil is formulated with the following key features.

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic fluid is commonly used to transfer power from one end to another in the hydraulic system of the equipment through various hydraulic components.

Bearing Grease

Grease is an oily thick substance that is used for the lubrication of machinery. Grease is used for multi-purpose in automobile, marine, and industrial applications.

Compressor oil

Lubricants are the backbone of any equipment. As other components of machinery require oil for better performance and long life intervals, the compressor as an important part of the machine needs also oil for optimum performance

Best Lubricants in UAE

Rida Lubricant has invested with an open heart to develop the best lubricant brand in UAE,  to fulfill the customer's requirements and demands for equipment.


As we know, lubricants are necessary for the smooth running of an engine. Coolant (anti-freeze) is a water-mixed liquid that is found in the cooling system; prevents the engine from overheating as well as from freezing in low-temperature areas.

Pioneering Polymer additive Supplier and Manufacturer in the UAE

In the world of machinery and engines, proper lubrication is paramount for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Engine Oil for Optimal Performance and Protection

Choosing the right engine oil for your vehicle is akin to selecting the ideal nourishment for your body.

Explore the top 5 reasons why rida lubricants stands out as the best oil company in dubai

In Dubai's dynamic market, Rida Lubricants leads the oil industry with innovation and quality.