Compressor oil

Lubricants are the backbone of any equipment. As other components of machinery require oil for better performance and long life intervals, the compressor as an important part of the machine needs also oil for optimum performance. So, it is very necessary to select the right compressor oil to boost the performance of the equipment.

Rida Lubricants is formulating high-quality of compressor oil which will be beneficial in many ways such as reducing friction between components of equipment, minimizing energy consumption, and increasing the life span of the compressor with the best performance.

Types of Compressor Oil

There are two main types of compressor oil. One is Standard and the second is Synthetic. Both types have distinctive characteristics and are used in compressors depending on the workload of a compressor.

Standard Compressor Oil

Standard compressor oil is made by using mineral oil. Mineral oil is cheaper than synthetic oil and is used for household compressors or those compressors which have light work or medium-duty work.


Synthetic Compressor Oil

Synthetic compressor oil is formulated with a synthetic base. Due to undergoing a lot of processing, it is more refined than standard oil. This compressor oil is used in heavy-duty compressors which have to work continuously.


Pick the right Compressor oil

To keep your compressors operating with minimum wear and tear and with maximum efficiency, pick the right compressor oil as a lubricant for your compressor. As there are two main types standard and synthetic, choose synthetic oil because it is formulated with a synthetic base, and is more beneficial than standard during heavy-duty workouts.

Rida Lubricants is manufacturing both types of compressor oil with high-quality formulations. Select Rida Compressor oil for your compressors to get maximum output.

Synthetic compressor oil designed by Rida Lubricants has much high-quality additive chemistry, which optimizes the output and reduces the service span of the compressor.


Rida Synthetic Compressor oil contains various features such as


Extend life span

Using Synthetic oil for a compressor is very beneficial because it enhances the life interval of the equipment by its very strong additive chemistry of synthetic base.


Less consumption of oil

This synthetic oil has very low consumption due to its unique formulation.  


Coolant effect

Synthetic oil designed by Rida Lubricants has a cooling effect, which keeps the compressor cool and prevents it from overheating.


Reduce deposits

Synthetic compressor oil is useful in removing pollution from compressor vessels and keeping the compressor free from deposits inside it.


Operate safely

Compressor oil with synthetic base additive makes it operation safe. Due to lubrication it runs smoothly and works safely even under heavy workouts.


Reduce Carbon accumulation

Synthetic oil keeps the compressor work free by preventing the deposition of carbon inside the valves of a compressor.

Properties of Compressor Oil

Proper maintenance of the compressor is done with the right lubricant which is designed for optimum performance with their desired functions. Choosing a poor lubricant can cause damage to the compressor, and shorten the life span. Right lubricant is a blend of the following properties, which not only boost the performance but also increase the life span of the equipment.


Wear Resistance

Compressor oil has the property to provide wear protection to the components of the compressor.

Due to the heavy workload, the Compressor has to run continuously and its parts are contacted with one another which causes wear and tear. Compressor oil provides a protective layer that prevents the contacting parts from wear and tear.



Compressor oil also has the property to resist oxidation. During high temperatures, when the compressor works, then there are chances of oxidation due to exposure to oxygen, so, there is sludge deposition inside the compressor. That's why compressor oil is used for lubrication which is the anti-oxidizing property that enhances the functionality of the compressor.


Separation of Water

Due to the non-stop working of the compressor and heating, water used in the compressor starts vaporization, due to vaporization, it is mixed with oil. Mixing with oil it decreases the oil quality which in turn decreases the performance.

To avoid mixing oil and water compressor oil has the additive of detergents which keep both oil and water separate. Due to this property quality of the oil is not affected and it helps the smooth running of the compressor.


Air Release

Air-release property of lubricant helps to reduce oxidation. Due to the oxidation-reduction, there is no contamination formed inside the compressor, which increases the lifetime of the machine.



Due to foaming, there is a blockage in the valves of the compressor which causes wear and tear. When the compressor is lubricated with high-quality additives, then there is no foaming in the compressor which as result, enhances the working capacity and reduces service costs.

Uses of Compressor Oil

Compressor oil is an essential lubricant that is used in compressors for their smooth working, providing many benefits to the equipment. Compressor oil maintains the equipment and reduces the chances of wear and tear.
There are many uses of compressor oil which are given below

Use for cooling
Compressor oil has the property to cool down the heat effect of compressors.
Compressor oil acts as a coolant liquid and prevents the compressor from damage due to heat. In compressors, these oils are used for creating a cooling effect.

Use for cleaning
Compressor oils are also used for cleaning compressors because they have additives that keep the compressor valves free of contamination and sludge formation. Due to this cleaning property, these oils are used in many applications to boost the functionality of compressors and reduce their maintenance costs.

Use for sealing
Compressor oils are also used to provide a sealing layer in the compressors which protects the compressor from pollution and other dirt particles. Due to this sealing, the compressor works very efficiently and smoothly.

Use for lubrication
Compressor oils are used as lubricants. These lubricants are very essential for the performance and maintenance of compressors. By lubrication, the lifespan of the compressor is enhanced which as result increases its working efficiency.

Use for smooth working
Compressor oils as a lubricant are used for the smooth operation of machines. By providing good lubrication and protective layers against dust and contamination, it is used to keep the equipment safe and helps it to run smoothly.