As we know, lubricants are necessary for the smooth running of an engine. Coolant (anti-freeze) is a water-mixed liquid that is found in the cooling system; prevents the engine from overheating as well as from freezing in low-temperature areas. In this way, it is called coolant or anti-freeze.

Rida lubricants are producing high-quality coolants for the efficient performance of all types of engines around the whole world. Rida coolants are designed for both high-temperature and low-temperature areas. Due to the addition of different ingredients, they protect from engine damage like corrosion, combustion of the engine, freezing, etc. In this way, the life of an engine is increased by the proper use of coolant.

Why coolant is important?

Like other fluids, which are important for the engine to run smoothly without any breakdown or damage, Rida coolant is water mixed liquid found in the radiator of a vehicle used to prevent the car engine from over-heating in hot weather and prevent an engine from freezing in extremely cold weather. It is beneficial for both short and long-term usage. In the same manner, coolant made by Rida lubricant is useful for any kind of metal used in radiators of vehicles like aluminum and iron, etc.

Some people use water instead of coolant. Because they think water is more efficient than coolant. But water is not the best choice for all conditions. Technically, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees and the freezing point of water is 0 degrees. So, water is only applicable or the best choice between 0-100 degrees. On the other hand, coolant is useful in extremely hot and cold areas where water can freeze or evaporate. Additionally, Rida coolant is used by mixing with water or separately. Because of its high quality and good temperature resistance, it protects the radiator from cracking and rusting.

Composition of coolant

Coolant is made of Ethylene glycol which is also mixed with some protective additives and also includes demineralize water. Ethylene glycol is heat resistant material that cannot absorb heat like water. But water is mixed with coolant the boiling point of a liquid is increased and the freezing point is decreased. Similarly, protective additives prevent car radiators from rusting and any other damage. Rida lubricants focus on protective measures to prevent consumers from destruction and loss like engine damage, corrosion, and engine combusting. Coolants are needed to increase the durability and performance of an engine.

Different colors of coolant

  • Green

Green coolant is made up of Ethylene Glycol material. It is conventional and used as a universal one. Rida's green coolant is the most popularly used for all models.


  • Red

Red coolant made by Rida lubricant is based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT). It is mostly used for aluminum radiators. It prevents aluminum radiators from corrosion.


  • Blue

Blue coolant is almost similar to blue coolant but has some extra protective additives. This type of coolant is designed for Japanese cars which come with blue coolant from factories. Rida blue coolant contains Borate free which makes it different from the red coolant.


  • Orange and yellow

Orange and yellow coolants are designed according to modern needs and demands. They have better quality and long-lasting ability which attract consumers towards them. They are used almost in new model cars and vehicles.

Advantages of coolant

  • Decrease in maintenance cost

Lubricants are the backbone of any vehicle. Like other lubricants which are necessary for the smooth running of the engine, coolant plays a major role in decreasing the maintenance cost. Coolant made by Rida lubricants has extra protective additives which protect the engine from damage and the radiator from corrosion and rusting.


  • Protects from engine damage

Coolant protects our engine from overheating in hot weather or areas. Because coolant is made-up of Ethylene Glycol which resists heat and maintains temperature. On the other hand, it prevents our vehicle engines from freezing in extremely cold areas.


  • Increase fuel average

Rida lubricants coolant improves the fuel average of vehicles because it keeps the engine temperature in the recommended range. When an engine runs smoothly without any disturbance, the fuel average is automatically increased.


  • Prevents vehicle breakdown

Coolants prevent the engine from overheating and freezing. In this way, the chances of the breakdown of engine parts are minimized. Similarly, the performance and lifetime of the engine and parts are increased.


  • Increase the lifetime of the radiator

Coolant is found in the radiator of the car. The radiator is an important part of the vehicle which maintains the temperature of an engine. Extra protective ingredients in Rida coolant, protect the radiator from corrosion and rusting. In this way, the life span of the radiator is increased.

Types of coolant

In old model cars, parts of cars are made up of almost the same material like rubber, cast iron, or brass. So, the same type of coolant can be used in old models. On the other hand, the cooling system of new models of cars is made up of silicon, aluminum, magnesium, silicon, etc. So, different types of coolants are required.


Types of coolant are the following…


  • IAT- Inorganic Additive Technology

Inorganic Additive technology coolant is the name of a common green fluid that has been used for decades in old models. It is not compatible with modern vehicles because of its rapid depletion of protective additives. It has less durability and can be changed every two years or 24000 miles


  • OAT- Organic Acid Technology

Organic Acid Technology coolants are most commonly used in vehicles. Rida OAT coolants are durable and long-lasting. This type of coolant is not compatible with other types of coolants. Due to the addition of extra protective additives which prevent the engine radiator from being damaged Rida coolants last more than 5 years or can be changed after 50000 miles. It is found in different colors like blue, red, and dark green.


  • HOAT- Hybrid Organic Acid Technology

Hybrid Organic Acid is made up of by mixing of both IAT and OAT products and provides powerful full protection to Aluminum against corrosion and Iron against rusting. Rida HOAT is found in dyed yellow and orange colors along with purple and pink colors worldwide. They are many protective materials included in the formation of Rida lubricants coolant which makes it more profound around the whole world than any other type of coolant. The life of HOAT coolants is more than other types of coolants which are almost 100000 miles.


  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Cooling systems

Hybrid and electric vehicle cooling system is the modern type of coolant that is used in newly invented electric cars. These are used in hybrid and electric cars for the separate cooling system of batteries. This coolant type is specifically used according to the need of the car.

Precautions to use coolant

  1. Do not mix different types of coolant into each other. If you do not have enough coolant to meet your demand, mix water in the coolant.
  2. Change coolant frequently according to the instruction given by the supplier.
  3. Use coolant type according to the model of the vehicle and the material of the radiator.
  4. Dispose of the coolant carefully. Because it contains different toxic materials which are harmful to humans as well as animals.