Essential attributes when selecting the gear oil

To meet the today’s demands, industrial gear oil must be of high performance with strong additive chemistry. Lubricant section must be based on the qualities such as thermally stable and robust enough to ensure that it lasts longer and perform more efficiently and keep the system clean from dirt and contaminant.

Following attributes must be included in the gear oil

Fluid cleanliness

Fluid cleanliness is the main attribute while selecting the gear oil because fluids plays a critical role in removing the dirt and contamination during filtration process. Less viscous fluid must be persued0 to enhance the performance of the equipment.

Fluid durability

Gear oil must be durable enough to retain the performance over time and withstand in service conditions. Some fluids perform very well when they are new and lose their specification with time. So, industrial gear oil formulated with extended durability must be perused which enhances productivity and reduces the downtime of the equipment.

Properties of extreme pressure

Industrial gear oil must have the attribute of extreme pressure with low viscosity because industrial gear operate under heavy load sand require extreme pressure to function well. Typical industrial oil does not contain this feature.